Celebrating Women's Health!!

This month we have a wonderful testimonial of one of my patients who has experienced the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation. I truly thank her for taking the time to write and share because sometimes you just don't have a clear idea of how treatment can benefit you.

As women, we deal with a variety of physical challenges, very unique to us, that can come about from childbirth, lack of hormones, and simply changing anatomy as our body changes.  

This being the month when we celebrate Mothers Day (5/13), Women's Health Week (May 13-19) Women's Health Month, (my birthday - wink), we want to draw attention to women being more open to actually DOING something about the various concerns they have, making a point to get a checkup (I find SO MANY problems that people are not aware of just from having a basic health check-up along with blood work) and just for once, putting YOU on the TOP of the TO DO list? Can we? 

I hope you make a decision to prioritize YOU and better yet, if your sister-friend, co-worker, family member or someone you know shares with you the problems they are dealing with that you know is simply a matter of them making a decision to prioritize themselves, please encourage them. My motto is...there is no need to suffer.



FemTouch Review of the Month



"Bionic Vagina at 52"


As a 52-year-old working mom of two who was in need of a 'tune-up', I sought the expertise of Dr. Harris and her magical vaginal rejuvenation laser.  My concerns were overall tone, better bladder control, and some external (minor) atrophy issues.  After the first treatment that was pain-free, the tightening effects were amazing.  So amazing that my husband branded my new lady parts the "bionic vagina".  It not only increased his pleasure (tightness) but increased my sensation as well.  After my third treatment, I am completely healed and have better bladder control than I did prior to having children.  

Her staff are kind, professional and friendly.  The treatment is pain-free.  I had no downtime for recovery.  My husband may call it bionic but I call it magical!   Money well spent!

Thanks for sharing!!! If you are ready to experience improvement in your vaginal and bladder health, please contact us for your consultation visit!



We Want to Better Service You


Medical Aesthetics anyone??

Offering aesthetics is something that I have been motivated to do from the very beginning of Nurturing You. The Feminine Rejuvenation path was of course, a natural for me. I am reaching out to you, my awesome patients (!) so ask if you would kindly help me develop a strategy and see what services would be worth it to you to have available at our site. Please take a few short minutes and complete the following survey. It would help to shape the future of our practice and your experience at Nurturing You. 



Product of the Month

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