FemTouch Has Arrived!!

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I am happy to announce that we are READY
to schedule your consultation!


Special Introductory price for our first 10 patients to receive treatment 

(This will not last long - we already have patients on our waiting list)

In response to many requests, I will now be doing 
MALE hormone pellet insertions 
I know you are doing GREAT and you want your partner to
feel GREAT too! 
Receive a referral discount on your next insertion!  



Your Healthy Living Revolution: Insider Secrets to Living Your

Life Vibrant AND in Control of Your Wellbeing


Thursday, July 13th 6:30pm



This Class is For You If:

·       You are a woman “trying” to Balance your food, nutrition and your life. 

·       You are struggling between your aspirations and your obligations. 

·       You need the best tools, resources and solutions in order to live your life with vigor, vitality and peace of mind!


Attend and Discover:

·       Busy people strategies to balance healthy eating with a hectic schedule

·       Uncover energy zappers most people don’t talk about

·       5 things most experts won’t tell you about weight loss

·       Little known ways to boost your immune system so you can fend off illness and disease

Presented By:  Robin Allen, MA, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Founder of The Necessary Nutrition Academy

Register at www.NeccesaryNutritionIE.com/class

For More Information: 951-259-5198

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