Tempsure Envi Skin Tightening


With quick, comfortable treatment, zero downtime, and no scars, non-surgical skin tightening has become a popular way for patients to enhance their appearance and self-confidence without taking time for surgery and recovery.

Skin tightening is perfect for:

  • Cellulite reduction 

  • Mommy makeover

  • After lipo

After traditional lipo, skin tends to sag. TempSure treatments are great to optimize lipo treatments. 

How does radio-frequency tighten skin?

Like any form of energy, RF has the capacity to produce heat—and while each brand-name application uses a slightly different technology, all work by heating the skin’s deeper layers to induce new collagen and elastin production and encourage cell turnover, helping skin become firmer, thicker and more youthful-looking.

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