Happy Spring!

Spring IS MY favorite time of year! Mostly because the weather is “not too cold – not too hot – just right!” in my humble opinion, but ALSO because it represents “NEWNESS”. Everything living that was in hibernation decides to come out and live, bloom and be revived in Spring and truly, I do the same. It seems like my winter months are my cuddle, cover, eat-whatever-you-want-because-it-won’t-show-anyhow months, it’s dark so it’s gloomy to me and Spring represents light, bright, lively. Because of the rains this winter, things were exaggerated on both ends. Harsh winter but the results – amazing blooms, green, life like we have not seen in years.

Well, LET’S BLOOM GIRLS!! Time to EAT better, get into your EXERCISE routine, Get consistent with your SUPPLEMENTS so you can start to shed the clothes confidently, think better and FEEL great!

The first quarter celebrated a few events, February was Heart Health Month, March was Women’s History Month and Doctors Day. I am So HAPPY to be serving you all with what God put inside of me to pour out to you. I am so blessed and grateful.

BUT I am still hearing too many concerns about feeling “tired all the time” or “fatigue” and I want you to feel your best. For some, it will take several modalities to resolve this.
First is SLEEP – if you are not resting well you will not feel energetic during the day. Some of our patients are using the “Sleep” formula from Vasayo and having great success! Even if you have tried some of the ingredients, it will be different because of how it is formulated.

Second is DIET – sugars, carbs, etc. especially at the wrong time of day, causes crashes – consider protein in the morning and through the day, NO sugars/sweets/sodas (PLEASE NO SODA!!). Get your fiber and keep things balance. Our nutritionist, Analise Rosik can help – call to make an appointment if you need guidance.

Third is EXERCISE – YES, I know we need motivation and energy to exercise – so much of it is mental, the hurdle that needs to be leaped over to just get going. Your hormones DO MATTER and we can help.

Fourth is SUPPLEMENTAL assistance – sometimes you just need a good multivitamin/mineral dietary supplement to help and DoTerra Lifelong Vitality Pack can make a difference (it costs much less as a member) It WORKS, I use it myself and definitely notice the difference when I don’t.

Once again…
My goal is to see you in your best health and I am committed to doing whatever I can do to facilitate that.
Ladies, its TIME TO BLOOM :))

Welcome to Sayda Rendon, our new Medical Assistant – Angie is on maternity leave.
Welcome to Naomi Bonman our Practice Manager/Medical Biller
We’re here to serve…

To Health & Wellness,
Dr. Harris


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