Have you thought about self-care from the standpoint of vaginal health?

Maybe not, but it is important to be mindful of the health of your whole body, including the vagina.

A few pointers: 

  • It is normal to have discharge BUT if there is an offensive (fishy) odor, if it is discolored (green, gray, yellow), if the consistency is cottage-cheesy, if there is itching, burning or irritation you should be evaluated.
  • Also, don’t assume everything itchy is “yeast”. Sure, if you are very aware of how a yeast infection presents then feel free to treat with an over the counter remedy but if you keep having to treat it and it is not clearing or if it is recurring, it may be something else.
  • Be sure to wipe from “front to back” so that you do not track anal bacteria to your urethra. It can cause a bladder infection.
  • Be sure as you engage in sexual practices that you remain conscious that bacteria from the anal canal can infect the vagina, so change condoms. Toys can do the same so be sure that everything you insert into your vagina is clean, everything.
  • “Douching” is not necessary, the vagina has it’s own self-cleaning mechanisms so once again, if something is off, be sure to get checked.
  • As we progress into the mid-forties and into the fifties, the hormonal change can affect the vaginal tissue causing thinning or “atrophy”. The vaginal loses elasticity and sometimes lubricating ability.  The pH may change and makes the tissue more susceptible to irritation, dryness, burning, painful intercourse and even infection.

There is so much more I could review but do you have questions? If so, please send them and we’ll answer them for you. Key point…don’t leave out vaginal health as you consider all the areas to be mindful of in “self-care”.


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