Keeping every part healthy, including the V*

YES!! EVERY part of our body needs attention, including our vagina and bladder! As a gynecologist, I am very free in my verbal expression of what may occasionally be “taboo” for some; it is just natural for me. It’s my specialty and I love educating and sensitively taking care of my patient’s very private concerns. (I put the little asterisk in case FB wanted to block my post) I don’t mind you opening up to me about dryness, burning, itching, no lubrication, painful intercourse (like razor blades! ouch!), vaginal odor, leaky bladders (pee pee when I sneeze, laugh, try to exercise on the trampoline, etc) and lack of sexual desire (if I never did ever again, it would be just fine with me…but he.. and I really don’t WANT to feel this way…).

The key is recognizing that something is just not right and being educated that something can be done. NOTHING can be “fixed”, in every aspect of life for that matter, until acknowledgment occurs. This is what moves one in the direction of seeking a solution. None of the concerns I mentioned above should be accepted as the norm UNLESS it is totally ok with you, meaning it is not affecting you, your lifestyle or your relationships negatively. Some should NEVER be accepted as the norm (e.g., vaginal odor, burning, itching) But, may I offer this. If it IS something that you are aware of and is unsettling, please seek attention. Don’t feel that “nothing can be done” because a lot can be done. Whether it is natural, medicinal, hormonal or with FemTouch, SOMETHING CAN be done!

So while you are keeping all the “necessities” in check, doing your hair, your makeup, getting that outfit just right, don’t neglect “her” – she needs attention too!

Nurturing You in the Community

Dr. Harris will be speaking to the young ladies at the Empowering Young Women’s Conference next Saturday, April 14. The conference will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Landis Auditorium at Riverside Community College located at 4800 Magnolia Avenue in Riverside.

The Empowering Young Women Conference is a one-day event where young women attend workshops on topics such as: achieving your dreams, bullying, human trafficking, career education, suicide prevention, self-esteem, domestic violence, personal health, and much more.

Please help us welcome “Laurie”, our newest M.A. to the Nurturing Youfamily. Laurie has been an excellent help around the office and we’re excited to have her as apart of the family!


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