World Mental Health Day: Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Mental health is one of the upmost critical because it affects our overall well-being. When our mental is all over the place, it affects our physical (i.e. weight loss or gain due to stress), our emotional (mood swings tend to be in full effect), and our spiritual (not being able to connect with our inner selves). 

Today, Saturday, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. So in lieu of the national day we decided to put together a few tips on how to regain our clarity and get our lives back on track. We also included a few things that cause us to “lose our minds”. But first let’s dig in on how we can get our sanity back. 

Tips on how to regain your sanity:

  • Take a day off work/Get Some Rest: Yes we all have goals and because of this, many are on this hustle mentality. They’ll say things like, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, or “People who want to build wealth and/or get rich don’t sleep for 8 hours”. This is so unhealthy. You need an adequate amount of sleep to recharge. Your mind cannot focus when it’s been on overdrive for the last 72 hours, non-stop. Take a break!
  • Stay hydrated, with water: Hydration is critical. Our bodies can go without food for a while, but they cannot go without water! When your body feels weak, it will start to affect your mind first before you eventually pass out from dehydration. 
  • Meditate: This helps you practice mindfulness. Meditation is key when it comes to easing the mind. Find a quiet place, lay down or sit comfortably, and close your eyes. Playing some soft instrumentals or spa music will allow you to relax easier. 
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits: It may sound cliche, but our diet really does affect our mood. When you eat fatty foods often and don’t have a balanced diet, you’ll notice that you feel sluggish and don’t feel nor want to do anything. But when you incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into your daily diet, you’ll start to feel refreshed. 
  • Exercise: Get those steps in and go for a walk or jog/run. This not only helps to your heart, but it also helps to clear your mind as well. 
  • Leave toxic/negative relationships: Toxicity and negativity drains our energy. Once you rid yourself of  this environment and/or people you’ll start to notice that you feel better. 
  • Journaling: Write it out. It helps to write out your thoughts and to get them out of your mind. 

Things that cause your mind to go crazy:

  • You’re losing your patience. 
  • You suffer from insomnia. 
  • You’re easily irritated. 
  • You’re having anxiety or panic attacks.
  • You’re unmotivated. 
  • You’re suffering from indigestion and tummy problems. 
  • You cry out of the blue. 
  • You feel detached. 




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