Patient’s Thanksgiving Testimony on FemTouch

Today being Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to give thanks to someone who has been a blessing in my life. That may seem a little strange however, the constant worry over wetting my pants was causing me great stress. I had what some people call an over active bladder. I am 55 years old and not ready to consider myself too old to be active. In order not to pee my pants, I had to wear a panty liner on good days. On bad days, I had to wear a maxi pad or poise type liner. My healthcare physician prescribed medication but that just left my mouth dry and had little to no effectiveness.

Thankfully, I became willing to try other options. Dr. Harris suggested her Femtouch laser. At first I was hesitant due to the out of pocket expense however it was life changing and I must say, a very small price to pay for peace of mind. After just two short ten minute sessions, my trips to the restroom decreased. In addition, I was able to throw away the boxes of panty liners. Just knowing I can ride a horse without worry of the embarrassment when getting off the saddle was awesome but the benefits didn’t end there. Each session brought more and more health to my vaginal area. Even my husband has commented that sexual intimacy is more fulfilling. He noticed a tightness or as I like to say, a rejuvenation. This painless procedure has not only help with my bladder issues, but with our sex life because I feel sexier.

Thank you Dr. Harris for offering me some of my life back. Thank you for giving me more confidence in my daily living, more enjoyment in my active life, and increased intimacy with my husband. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and now I can do just that.

Gratefully yours,
M from Murrieta


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