Want more out of sex? Cliovana™ is the first non-invasive treatment designed specifically to improve female sexual responsiveness and satisfaction. Here at Nurturing You Women’s Health & Wellness, in Corona and Indian Wells, CA, Leita Harris, MD is passionate about helping women regain their vivaciousness. Intimacy is no longer controlled by age but by you. Request your free consultation today and allow us to help you enhance your experiences by calling/texting the office directly or online through our website.

Cliovana Q & A

What is Cliovana?

Cliovana™ is a patented sound wave treatment that increases clitoral responsiveness leading to:

  • Increased arousal and lubrication
  • Increased orgasm intensity and frequency
  • Greater overall sexual satisfaction

Cliovana™ has everything you want and nothing you don’t. It is 100% non-invasive, with zero downtime.

  • No probes
  • No burning
  • No needles
  • No lasers
  • No surgery
  • No freezing

Who is Cliovana for?

Every woman who wants a better sex life! Cliovana™ increases arousal, orgasm frequency and intensity in women of any age who are not fully satisfied with their sex life.

Did you know that about 33% of women reach an orgasm every time vs. 75% of men! Let’s close that gap and make amazing orgasms a reality.

What is Cliovana™ doing to help?

  • 90% of patients experience increased orgasm intensity
  • 80% experience increase in overall sexual satisfaction
  • 80% experience increased arousal
  • 90% experience increased lubrication