Top Concerns of People Over 50

Truth be told, we all have some negative ideas about aging. In a youth obsessed society, it is hard not to feel bad about getting older.  Staying active and eating right can keep you feeling and looking your best at every stage of your life, which brings us to our first concern:

Weight Gain

It is not uncommon to experience a reduction in your metabolic rate as you age, which may lead to the unhealthy accumulation of extra body fat due to changes in your body’s relationship with calories. You may not like the answers to counteract age-related weight gain because they involve a whole lot of regular mild to moderate walking, practice strength training such as leg lifts, lunges and pull-ups up to three days a week and forcing your metabolism to work harder by cutting approximately 50 to 100 calories out of your daily diet.

Memory Decline

Normal aging is associated with age-related cognitive decline including the ability to encode new memories, which can induce feelings of loneliness. The good news is you can reverse cognitive decline by balancing your blood sugar levels which will allow you to balance your mood, boost your concentration more, help elevate your energy levels, and prevent some if not all age-related brain diseases.

Low T Deficiency

Some scientists suggest that an age-related testosterone deficiency contributes to the deteriorating health of older men and causes symptoms, such as fatigue, loss of libido, including obesity and heart disease. Luckily, there is testosterone therapy by SottoPelle to increase muscle mass, bump up energy, relieve depression, relieve anxiety, improve memory, improve concentration, and increase a sense of well-being has proven successful.

Sickness and Chronic Pain

We cannot completely exclude ourselves from age-related illnesses and pain because there are some diseases that dobecome more common as we age. That is why proper nutrition, consistent exercise and taking supplements that keep the body balanced becomes necessary as we approach our body ages.


The era of internet and electronics can lead older adults to isolate themselves from the outside world, which in turn, results to loneliness and serious consequences such as depression, sleep issues, loss of independence, higher risks of chronic diseases, and much more. In this case, families should be closer to their elderly relatives.  Call and visit them regularly, and most importantly, encourage them to stay active or sign up for various engaging activities like bridge, arts and crafts, dancing, etc.

The best way to embrace aging is by focusing on the positives to experience a greater sense of peace and well-being for a balanced lifestyle.

For more information on leading a balanced lifestyle visit for resources on authentic aging and living well.


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