Vaginal Dryness? Low Libido? Here’s How Hormones Affect Our Sex Drive

Are you a woman who suffers from a low libido? You’re not alone.

Hormonal fluctuations caused by birth control, childbirth and menopause can make your sex drive eb and flow. HB’s resident expert, Dr. Gayon Hyatt, Family Medicine Physician at Mountainside Medical Group in Bloomfield, New Jersey, appeared on an episode of Candid to explain what happens in our bodies that affects our libido, and what we can do to combat the effects.

“A lot of women suffer in silence, in a way, it’s a taboo topic,” Dr. Hyatt explained.

“It does happen. It happens in all age groups, in peripausal women, young women, different disease processes, different medications, natural aging process, and menopause can cause low libido, it’s definitely something that causes women a lot of distress.”

Dr. Hyatt advises that women are open with their doctor and their partner about their issues. No shame! Check out the interview above for more info.


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