What price is your HEALTH worth?

I have been mulling over this subject for some time now, in fact, I shared my “inspiration” with one of you 🙂 recently during our visit. I began thinking this year (again!) about the VALUE of health. I am SO tremendously grateful for every day of my life, each day I take a breath, each day I am not in pain, each day I can get up and walk…my mind is clear & focused…I can see, touch, taste, hear and take in all that creation has blessed me to experience. The times of just watching the clouds, the sunsets, the mountains…as I drive… an HOUR (!!) to get to my office in Corona to embrace my passion of serving and truly making a difference in your lives. Some of you have been so bold to say, “saved” my life! And I understand this, LIFE is not to be taken for granted and every aspect of LIVING should be VALUED, you choose QUALITY of life. You choose looking, feeling and just being your best.

It starts with the value you place on your health. So we are all on the same page, some of the definitions of “value” are (Merriam Webster) “the monetary worth of something, a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged, relative worth, utility, or importance” – I underlined “worth” because that is something YOU have to determine, is it “worth” it to me? So… how much is YOUR HEALTH worth? and what “price” do you put on it. How much is QUALITY of life worth to you?

Many of you have embraced this concept and have chosen to do whatever is necessary to take care of yourself and not rely on others (institutional or otherwise) to determine how you should be cared for. I don’t say this to offend anyone because if we all take a sober look at things, in the end, you choose to get what you want to get… you pay for what you want to pay for…whether it is a new expensive purse, a new pair of shoes, a new outfit or suit to keep trendy, new makeup, new nails, a new head of hair and on and on. You too men. You make the choice after (sometimes) the necessary “bills” are paid.

I remember when growing up, my father always took a “handful of supplements” every day. He STILL does; my mother does as well and in a recent conversation, we came to the profound (wink) conclusion that you can take a handful of supplements now or take a handful of medication later, pay in advance for prevention or pay in the end to “manage” disease, either way, you’re going to pay. So, yes, I have since my mid-twenties embraced the practice of taking nutritional products to benefit my health. I know its controversial re what you really need to take and I do weigh it all, change things periodically, always looking for something better but, I love how I look, I love how I feel AND I don’t take a handful of medication -I take a handful of supplements! and my hormones :))

You may know of someone that needs a little encouragement so, be a voice. Too many are out there needlessly suffering because of misinformation or lack of information. Let them know there are options. Share with them that supplements can help. Share with them that hormones can be used safely. I will be 57 in May and I intend to take care of this temple and live the rest of my ordained years continuing to feel my best…No matter the cost.

Once again…
My goal is to see you in your best health and I am committed to doing whatever I can do to facilitate that.

To Health & Wellness,
Dr. Harris

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